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Welcome to Manga-Apps!

Who We Are: We are a club dedicated to housing the comicking resources on deviantART; your one-stop source to manga applications and resources!

Our ONE Rule: Anyone can join, not just contributors. Our one rule is that we are a resources only gallery. Put them in the gallery you think suits them best, and we'll shift around and copy them as we feel fit.

Where to put your comics? Please feel free to display your comics in our sister group, MangaCreators.

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Goal: As a Comic Creating club, we're trying to limit our affiliate list to a manageable list of like-groups. That means groups that are dedicated to original comic-based content, comic creation, art-improvement, tutorials, tools, writing, or any club dedicated to having their members improve their art/storytelling/comic based skills. We are not currently seeking affiliation with fan-related groups or celebratory-minded groups. We're sticking, as of this moment, to clubs that focus on original story and art creation. Thank you for understanding!


- Prefer 50-100 Members (Exceptions are made for excellent resources)

- Clearly stated club goals & rules

- Focus: Comics sites, tutorials hubs, resource clubs, and coic-making club

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- No groups advocating illegal activity, product piracy, or illegal manga scans or scanslations.


What do you find the most confusing about comic book pages? What size to work on? Bleeds, trims, and safe areas? Panel gutters? (Or any other printing issues) 

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WEBCOMICKERS: What are we afraid of?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 11:48 AM
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Anxiety and Comics

For the Month of March, we polled webcomic users on Deviantart, Twitter, and forums, posing the question:

:bulletgreen: What are the challenges that make you most anxious when beginning a new story or project?

We got a lot of excellent responses and more than a few webcomickers were willing to bare all their anxieties and frustrations!

:star: Any advice for conquering any of these infamous terrors? What worked for you? :star:

Tell us in the comments!

Top 5 Anxiety issues

:bulletorange: 1. Confidence/Self-doubt (22%)

:icontheblackwonderland: "i'm just afraid people might not like it and all the work would be for nothing"

:iconwhiskeyii: "To clarify, I think it's a combination of self-doubt and being overwhelmed. For whatever reason, I feel more comfortable when a setting in my head has been well fleshed-out, but it gets to the point where I start thinking about minor things and then wondering if it even matters (for example, what religion does a specific setting adhere to in a story where I might not address religion at all), but then I start thinking about how even small things shape people's lives and cultures (like that religion could tie back into a morality system, or not), and then I just...@_@"

:bulletorange: 2. Where to start (21%)

:iconhikapi: "Not knowing where to start. I'm not a good story teller and I tend to.. not have beginnings to my stories! XD"

:iconkomicfans: "definitely the story planning and making up my mind where to start. I remembered edited my story nearly 6 times and I'm still not satisfied :("

:bulletorange: 3. Time management (19%)

:iconpandasayori: 'A rather complicated mix of problems. Most of them revolving around university life and homework. Bleeh."

:iconkalafin99: "My weakness is in procrastination and time management... Also my family and school trouble me a lot, which deal with stamina, limited-time-on-computer allowance, and a naughty child."

:bulletorange: 4. Procrastination (14%)

:iconshiniro: "Guess you can almost call it chronic procrastination. I'm a student and right now I actually have quite a bit of free time due to certain circumstances, but even so I rarely get to take out my tablet and actually be productive even though I easily could be. Instead I play games or do nothing at all... guess it's also a bit because I get easily discouraged to actually find where to start."

:bulletorange: 5. Lack of stamina (13%)

:iconsachi-pon:  "it takes so long that i fear i will get exhausted and lose the will to finish. still, i want to try. i do like drawing, i do like making up stories. it exhausts me physically and mentally but that doesn't mean i dislike it. i still want to do it! but i feel like i will take forever and ever and ever..."

:iconkay-beast: "For me, it's a combination of time management, procrastination, and stamina. I'm in art school right now, and by the time I finish all my homework, I don't work on my own personal projects cause I'm all "but I already did art today!" T_T"

Other Problems

- Lack of feedback
- Health challenges
- Copyright concerns
- Need a community/support
- That tools do I need?
- Planning
- Update schedules
- Paneling

Need a Community:
:iconfanfreak200: "There is webcomic/writing community?!  O_o"


:iconluffynotomo: " i'm worried about art theft or copyrights and such -- making sure no one else steals the same idea or characters ><"

:iconiiwi: "-u- paneling man, that damned paneling and not knowing where to start."

:iconsky-morishita: "I think the main thing that makes me most nervous when I'm starting a new project is having the whole story objective clear in my mind so that I don't end up dropping the project later because I don't know where the story is going."

:iconzumoarino: "Hmm, I think the main problem I have is that... I will have the general story planned out in terms of the "major/important" scenes "

:iconogawaburukku: "I really wish I'd made a buffer when I started. I kept putting off the comic for years and when I finally decided to do it I jumped right into it because I was so nervous I needed to know if people hated it before I continued. Very dumb move DX"

:iconlibbyrust: "Oh god, the health problems, make them go away so I can get some shiznit done. ;___;"

:iconequilonic: "I also have health problems that prevent me from drawing, but that would only be a problem if I'd have enough confidence in my ideas in the first place. "

Update Schedule
:iconjaybiejarrett: "what intimidates me the most is the idea of a rigid updating schedule.  I mean I know that's what people expect and I fear that I'll always be late and stuff.  I need to work on my organization.  I'll probably end up updating once a month."

:star: Did we miss any? What makes you anxious? :star:

:star: Any advice for conquering any of these infamous terrors? What worked for you?

Tell us in the comments!

NEXT POLL: This month, tell us what your favorite webcomics community is (and why)

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