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WEBCOMICKERS: What are we afraid of?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 11:48 AM
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Anxiety and Comics

For the Month of March, we polled webcomic users on Deviantart, Twitter, and forums, posing the question:

:bulletgreen: What are the challenges that make you most anxious when beginning a new story or project?

We got a lot of excellent responses and more than a few webcomickers were willing to bare all their anxieties and frustrations!

:star: Any advice for conquering any of these infamous terrors? What worked for you? :star:

Tell us in the comments!

Top 5 Anxiety issues

:bulletorange: 1. Confidence/Self-doubt (22%)

:icontheblackwonderland: "i'm just afraid people might not like it and all the work would be for nothing"

:iconwhiskeyii: "To clarify, I think it's a combination of self-doubt and being overwhelmed. For whatever reason, I feel more comfortable when a setting in my head has been well fleshed-out, but it gets to the point where I start thinking about minor things and then wondering if it even matters (for example, what religion does a specific setting adhere to in a story where I might not address religion at all), but then I start thinking about how even small things shape people's lives and cultures (like that religion could tie back into a morality system, or not), and then I just...@_@"

:bulletorange: 2. Where to start (21%)

:iconhikapi: "Not knowing where to start. I'm not a good story teller and I tend to.. not have beginnings to my stories! XD"

:iconkomicfans: "definitely the story planning and making up my mind where to start. I remembered edited my story nearly 6 times and I'm still not satisfied :("

:bulletorange: 3. Time management (19%)

:iconpandasayori: 'A rather complicated mix of problems. Most of them revolving around university life and homework. Bleeh."

:iconkalafin99: "My weakness is in procrastination and time management... Also my family and school trouble me a lot, which deal with stamina, limited-time-on-computer allowance, and a naughty child."

:bulletorange: 4. Procrastination (14%)

:iconshiniro: "Guess you can almost call it chronic procrastination. I'm a student and right now I actually have quite a bit of free time due to certain circumstances, but even so I rarely get to take out my tablet and actually be productive even though I easily could be. Instead I play games or do nothing at all... guess it's also a bit because I get easily discouraged to actually find where to start."

:bulletorange: 5. Lack of stamina (13%)

:iconsachi-pon:  "it takes so long that i fear i will get exhausted and lose the will to finish. still, i want to try. i do like drawing, i do like making up stories. it exhausts me physically and mentally but that doesn't mean i dislike it. i still want to do it! but i feel like i will take forever and ever and ever..."

:iconkay-beast: "For me, it's a combination of time management, procrastination, and stamina. I'm in art school right now, and by the time I finish all my homework, I don't work on my own personal projects cause I'm all "but I already did art today!" T_T"

Other Problems

- Lack of feedback
- Health challenges
- Copyright concerns
- Need a community/support
- That tools do I need?
- Planning
- Update schedules
- Paneling

Need a Community:
:iconfanfreak200: "There is webcomic/writing community?!  O_o"


:iconluffynotomo: " i'm worried about art theft or copyrights and such -- making sure no one else steals the same idea or characters ><"

:iconiiwi: "-u- paneling man, that damned paneling and not knowing where to start."

:iconsky-morishita: "I think the main thing that makes me most nervous when I'm starting a new project is having the whole story objective clear in my mind so that I don't end up dropping the project later because I don't know where the story is going."

:iconzumoarino: "Hmm, I think the main problem I have is that... I will have the general story planned out in terms of the "major/important" scenes "

:iconogawaburukku: "I really wish I'd made a buffer when I started. I kept putting off the comic for years and when I finally decided to do it I jumped right into it because I was so nervous I needed to know if people hated it before I continued. Very dumb move DX"

:iconlibbyrust: "Oh god, the health problems, make them go away so I can get some shiznit done. ;___;"

:iconequilonic: "I also have health problems that prevent me from drawing, but that would only be a problem if I'd have enough confidence in my ideas in the first place. "

Update Schedule
:iconjaybiejarrett: "what intimidates me the most is the idea of a rigid updating schedule.  I mean I know that's what people expect and I fear that I'll always be late and stuff.  I need to work on my organization.  I'll probably end up updating once a month."

:star: Did we miss any? What makes you anxious? :star:

:star: Any advice for conquering any of these infamous terrors? What worked for you?

Tell us in the comments!

NEXT POLL: This month, tell us what your favorite webcomics community is (and why)

Comic Veggies #1 Wrap-up!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 12:55 AM
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Comic Veggies

Practice is good for all of us.

:bulletgreen: Comic Veggies:  by #Manga-Apps and

What is it?
Comic Veggies is an exciting community-wide comicking activity brought to you by Manga-Apps and

How's it Work?
Every few weeks, we will post a new activity and all you have to do is complete it and upload your work on your favorites media site, whether that's here on deviantart,, twitter, tumblr, etc! Our social media hashtag is #comicveggies. More keywords are listed below.

 How Long Does it Last?
Each activity lasts 2 weeks.

Where's the Fun in that?
"Get better, get motivated!" At the end of each two week period, the #Manga-Apps and staff will review and select a representative sample of work and provide feedback on areas of improvement.  

Activity #1 WRAP-UP!

We think we've got everyone from the first activity included here! (If we forgot you, let us know!)

:star: Activity 1 Roundup! :star:

Comic Veggies: Faces by SoVeryUnofficial Comic Veggies: Faces by Ennun Comic Veggies: Faces by pferty Comic Veggies: Faces by l-Vampy-l Comic Veggie  Challenge- Heads by Fiorii :thumb346217929: Comic Veggies: Faces by Hiyami-hime Comic Veggies: Faces by kaisaki1342 [Comic Veggies Project] Faces by YKajitaka Comic Veggies: Faces by WitchOfStories [Comic Veggies Project] Faces by YKajitaka Comic Veggies: Faces - Tenshi Kamine by SakuraTenshi101 Comic Veggies: Faces: InuYasha by ArtisticMii

Artist Interview: Sammi Guidera

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 6:27 PM
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Artist Interview!

:bulletred: Kabocha: Hello everyone!  As you all know, from time to time, we like to do interviews with artists and groups.  Well, today, I'd like to bring some attention to Sammi Guidera, who works as an independent artist.

With the semester ending, and the end-of-year break upon us, it's always good to take a minute and get some perspective from someone else!  (So you graduating seniors, read up for some encouraging advice!)

Interview with Sammi

:bulletorange: Kabocha:  Hi, Sammi!  Just so everyone knows, who are you?  What sorts of things do you enjoy doing?
Sammi:  Hi!  I'm a comic artist and illustrator.  I took a hiatus from comics for about a year, but I'm getting back into them!  I've been doing  traditional art for as long as I can remember.

:bulletyellow:  Kabocha:  Where did you study art?
Sammi:  Cal State Fullerton.  They have a really great illustration program. School's like pulling teeth for me, but I enjoyed it!  Due to the budget crisis here in California, there was a tuition hike every year though, and I kind of powered through school to save money.  It may have been a little too fast, since I don't feel like I really had a chance to sit and focus on the skills I wanted to...  But I did earn the foundational skills to learn more on my own, and I'm glad for that!

:bulletgreen:  Kabocha:  Do you think it's necessary to study art in academic setting to be successful as an artist?
Sammi:  Nope! If you look long and hard enough, you can find all the knowledge you need online.
I feel like I've learned more through the Internet than I did in school.  School can teach you a lot, but if you're really driven, you can study on your own and advance. I didn't even take the watercolor classes in college - I learned through Youtube!  Youtube is a fantastic resource, as is deviantArt.  You just have to sit down and do it.  It's so worth it!

:bulletblue:  Kabocha:  What are your favorite mediums to work with?
Sammi:  Watercolors!  It's kind of funny, because when I started school, I was very much like, "MARKERS!  YES, THIS WILL BE MY THING!" But then I started working with watercolors, and it really just seemed to click.  I guess it's a case of the tools choosing you, rather you choosing the tools.
I'm also a big fan of pen and ink. There's something therapeutic about hatching and inking.

:bulletpurple:  Kabocha:  If you had to pick a word to describe your artistic style, what would it be?  Why?
Sammi:  I'd have to say... "Soft."  I really like "dark" and I really like "cute," but I feel like I can't get them to fit together.

:bulletpink:  Kabocha:  What do you feel drives you to create?
Sammi:  Oh, man, stories!

I've always been an impatient kid, and when it comes to stories, I'm a bit of a motormouth.  It used to drive me nuts to try to write, because I couldn't get it done instantly. My dad got my family a computer in first grade, and my mom let me dictate the stories to her while she typed.  She couldn't always be around to do this though, so I started drawing illustrations about them.  Drawing comics seemed like the next step.   I've been doing them since before I even knew what comics were!

Current Work

:bulletred:  Kabocha:  Can you tell us about your current projects?
Sammi:  Well, I have two comics in the works.  One is a side story to a larger one I've been working on, called "A Shadow in the Castle."  It's a tough one to write because I have to carefully explain the mechanics of the world without giving away too much of the plot of my main story!

The other project is a collaboration with a friend.  It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a plague is running rampant.  A traveling doctor seeks the last bookstore, full of lost knowledge, but it is inhabited by a demon.  The doctor has nothing to give so the demon demands his companionship in return for the book he seeks.
Creating comics makes me tear my hair out sometimes, but I love it!

I also just finished up some freelance work, where I was working on a few pages of a children's book.  I tend to do a lot of personal commissions, too.

:bulletorange:  Kabocha:  What is your favorite part of doing freelance work?
Sammi:  I really enjoy being able to work on things at my own pace, rather than a regular 9-5 job.  I've done illustration for all sorts of clients, and it's nice to have a variety of different types of things to do.

:bulletyellow:  Kabocha:  If you don't mind sharing, how do you happen to come upon freelance gigs?
Sammi:  I tend to approach people and get my name out there.
Just try to get comfortable handing out your business card to anyone and everyone!  It was difficult at first, and took a lot of courage, but I started getting calls and emails back.  Always be polite -- the art world is extremely small, and if you're icy with one person, everyone will hear about it.

Advice and Outlook

:bulletgreen: Kabocha:  Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
Sammi:  When you get discouraged, it's just a feeling - like being excited or happy.  It will pass.  I've had so many instances where I wondered "why am I doing this to myself?"
I worry that I'm not talented enough, or that everyone else is better than me - but the moment I shut it all out and focused on being a better artist for ME, I find I make more progress.

So, don't compare yourself to others too much.  Be patient, and remember, art isn't a race.  You'll get better as you work through it.

:bulletblue: Kabocha:  What's your philosophy on life?
Sammi:  Pretty much the same thing as my art. When things get tough, it's just a phase.  You gotta power through it.  I could never put my life philosophy into words until I read The Perfect Bait by Bobby Chiu.  He phrased it well...  "When bad things happen, good things are right around the corner."
So, when bad things happen, you can't give up.  There's always good that comes afterward. And boy, is this true!!

Showcase and Links

:bulletpurple: Kabocha:  Do you have any samples of work that you'd like to share?

:bulletpink: Kabocha:  Where can we find your work?
Sammi:  My tumblr is the best place to find me.
I do sometimes check out my deviantArt, but I upload sporadically.  I'm ThatDarnKat.
You can also find me on Youtube!

Kabocha:  Thank you, Sammi, for taking the time to sit down with me and chat!  Just talking with you made me feel more motivated to work hard!  :D Feature: with Victor Chu!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 10, 2012, 8:53 AM
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:star: Featuring :star:

Interview with Victor Chu

In this new and exciting digital age, all sorts of interesting comic sites are springing up. Most of you are familiar with the gamut of hosting services, such as Smackjeeves, Comic Fury, and Drunk Duck. Today, we're going to highlight an extra exciting community that focuses exclusively on comic creators as well as motivating young creators to get out and draw!

:bulletblue: LOOM: Today, I have Victor Chu, the founder and CEO of here with me. Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Victor. We know you're a busy man! Let's get on with the questions!

What is

:bulletblue: LOOM: So, what exactly is

:bulletorange: VICTOR:  MangaMagazine is an open ecosystem of artists and readers who are passionate about comics and manga. We act as a platform to support our artists and authors and connect them to readers.

MangaMagazine takes input from readers to create a curated experience – highlighting high quality series.  Our goal is to become a self-sustaining ecosystem where authors, artists, and readers can work together to find, develop, and launch promising new series on a global scale.

:bulletblue:  LOOM:  What gave you the idea for

:bulletorange: VICTOR: All the founders of the site are huge manga and comic fans!  We were really frustrated at the current state of web comics and manga where artists are expected to spend countless hours advertising, setting up websites, and doing lots of work that could be easily automated through a platform with the author and reader in mind.  It made it really difficult to find great content and also limited the potential of great authors.  That’s how MangaMagazine was born!  

:bulletblue:  LOOM: That's really encouraging to hear that you are huge manga and comic fans! I know in some circles, sometimes it can be "all business" without appreciation for the art form itself.

:bulletorange: VICTOR: We both grew up reading comics and manga and proudly competed with our friends for who had the biggest collection and which characters were our favorite!

About the Founders

:bulletblue:  LOOM: So how did you founders meet each other?

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Bancha and I have been close friends since high school.  We both developed an interest in technology and thought MangaMagazine would be a natural fit to use our skills to help build an amazing community that could really use it!

:bulletblue: LOOM: That's an awesome use of technology. I know while I was growing up the whole digital age just exploded! Now, I see little kids walking around with smart phones! Times have really changed!

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Definitely and mobile is an area we are working really hard on.  These days it isn’t too difficult to get a template website up, but we want our platform to publish to multiple places and media; iPad, iPhone, Android, Print books, eBooks, etc.

:bulletblue: LOOM: What are your backgrounds? You said earlier that the founders, you and Bancha, are manga enthusiasts. Can you tell us some of your favorite titles?

:bulletorange: VICTOR: We are both manga enthusiasts!    (Neither of us could draw something if our life depended on it….)  We grew up using all our allowance on comic and manga and proudly comparing with our friends to see who had the biggest collection (come on… you know you’ve done it before!)  

:bulletblue: LOOM: I certainly have done it before! I had two sisters, and sometimes we'd pool together our lunch money for those times we'd go into town! I was the youngest, so my participation in saving up for comics made me "cooler" and more accepted by my older sisters.

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Haha! My little brother would do the same thing!  My favorite titles are: Major, Shota no Sushi, and Doraemon! Bancha’s favorite titles are:  Saint Seiya, Rose of Versailles, and Slam Dunk!

:bulletblue: LOOM: Ohh! Bancha and I have similar tastes. I adore those titles, especially Rose of Versailles! Major looks interesting to me, though, being a fastpitch pitcher and lover of baseball. I'll have to check that out!

About the MangaMagazine Project

:bulletblue: LOOM: On to the next question.  What do you want viewers to know the most about

:bulletorange: VICTOR: We are here to help and grow this community in any way possible and we love to get feedback!  Everything we do is to make it easier for readers to discover the amazing content on MangaMagazine and to make life easier for our authors so they can spend more time on their art and less time fixing website issues or dealing with vendors.  

:bulletblue: LOOM: Time for some fortune telling. What do you envision for the future of manga, and what role do you plan to take in it?

:bulletorange: VICTOR: We are big believers that digital publishing is changing people’s preferences from push-based to pull-based publishing; manga especially!  

Instead of large publishing houses pushing down what they think people should read, instead, readers are now voicing their opinion by visiting and buying the content they truly like!  We want to serve as the single destination that all readers go to find fresh and exciting manga to suit their tastes.

:bulletblue: LOOM:  What is the most challenging thing about the project so far? Is it tough being human? I'm sure you'd like to pull a little magic or flaunt some superpowers if you could!

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Only the weak let their human characteristics slow them down.  We eat baby seals for
breakfast to power us through the day!  

:bulletblue:LOOM: That should be a bumper sticker!

:bulletorange: VICTOR:  In all seriousness, the most challenging thing for us is making it as easy as possible for our readers to quickly and effectively discover the manga they want to read.  We are spending a lot of time working on our site design to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible.

:bulletblue: LOOM: That's really tough with such a huge amount of exciting content, isn't it?

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Definitely, we don’t pretend this is easy and much larger companies try to do this as well.  There will be a lot of experimenting along the way but we hope every experiment improves the experience.

What opportunities exist on your site?

:bulletblue: LOOM: So, now it's time to show your passion! Invite the readers in! What kinds of opportunities exist for regular readers and aspiring artists at (Would you say there are excellent stories to read or excellent opportunities to post your story?)

:bulletorange: VICTOR: For readers, we have an amazing selection of unique and top quality content on our site.  There is something for everybody and it is curated to suit all different types of users!  

Too lazy to dig around, just check out our premium tier!  

Feel like being a little adventurous, check out our featured, or if you really want to live on the wild side, search for undiscovered gold amongst our members!  We stand behind our selection of each and every premium and featured author.  We think they represent great quality series that could suit your interests.

For authors, sign up for an account and see for yourself!  We believe MangaMagazine gives an unparalleled opportunity for up and coming authors to post your story, build a fan base, and monetize your content!  Every single author on our site started by posting!  We set up our tier system so that authors can have different ways to engage and build their fan base on our site.  You have nothing to lose!

:bulletblue: LOOM: That sounds very positive. We hope that it's contagious to everyone who visits Time for the final question: what advice would you give to aspiring creators?

:bulletorange: VICTOR: Be honest and focus on creating a great story.  Great things will come to those who spend the most time refining their story into what resonates with readers.  We see too many people who get caught up in spending tons of time to generate buzz for their series but never spend enough time improving their skills and content.

:bulletblue: LOOM: So, content first and advertising later, huh? Wise words to live by. Thanks so much for this interview, Victor. I hope that people feel inspired by your vision and make their way over to for a look around!

Outgoing Links

:bulletorange: Visit!

:bulletorange: Free subscription opportunities: Promotions

:bulletorange: Victor's profile

:bulletorange: Bancha's profile

Manga-Apps Contest - 2012 Winners

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 6:28 PM
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Thank you!

:bulletgreen: Hello, thank you for waiting! The others and I have finished judging~ Enjoy the results and sorry for the lateness! -- LOOM

The results are also up in a limited fashion with thumbnails at the following url:…

1. Invidia by TheMagpieGrimoire (MagpieFreak)
2. One Race by Dark-Merchant (Dark-Merchant)
3. Malicious Me by Pei Wei Li (Denaliah)
4. Honorable Mention: Monster by AnxiousA (AnxiousA)

:bulletgreen: Winners, the prizes this years will be digitally awarded! I will be emailing each of you shortly with instructions on how to claim them. Congratulations! What really matters is finishing!

:bulletgreen: Check your email for instructions, winners.

    1st place- 2 $50 gift cards
    2nd place - 2 $25 gift cards
    3rd place - 2 $10 gift cards

Digital e-cards to store of choice*

Special digital tone pack


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