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2016 Comics Contests and Awards

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2016, 9:22 PM
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:bulletyellow: This is a basic layout of some of the main points of each contest. We strongly advise reading the "Details and Official Rules" at the top of each heading.

Manga Jiman

:star: Details and Official Rules (2016)

:bulletred: This is a CONTEST.  Entrants must be UK residents aged 14 and older.
:bulletred: There is an additional 4-koma contest which is available only to 11, 12, and 13 year olds.

:bulletred: Deadline:  Monday 24 October 2016

:bulletred: Specs: "A story created on 6 to 8 A4-sized pages and drawn so that it reads from left to right.  Theme: SIGHTS OF JAPAN"

Because no template is given for the main contest, the live area and below template is only a recommendation.
- Paper Size
210mm x 297mm

- "Live" Area
192mm x 267mm

:bulletred: Templates:
Non-standard A4 Temp by kabocha A4 4koma Template by kabocha

:bulletred: Format:  Left-to-right

:bulletred: Submission: Only send photocopies, along with the entry form.  Entry form is downloadable off the manga Jiman website.

:bulletred: Send Entries To:
Fill out and submit the official application form along with your entry by post or in person to
Manga Jiman 2016 Competition, JICC, Embassy of Japan, 101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT.

10th International MANGA Award

:star: Details and Official Rules

:bulletorange: This is an AWARD.  Entrants must have produced their work outside Japan.  Published and unpublished work completed within the past three years are eligible, unless they've previously gotten this award.

:bulletorange: Deadline: June 30th 2016

:bulletorange: Specs: "The MANGA works (24 or more pages) must have been produced outside Japan."
One submission per entrant.

:bulletorange: Format: Unspecified.  

:bulletorange: Rights: "The artist agrees to images of the aforementioned work being placed on Web sites and distributed along with press releases.  The artist warrants that the work does not infringe upon an copyright or other rights of any third party. If a third party claims any rights over the work, the artist shall take full responsibility."

:bulletorange: Submission: Two copies of your work must be submitted with the entry form.  (Additional copies may be requested for works being considered for an award.)
It's advised to send photocopies, not originals.

:bulletorange: Send Entries To:
MBE108 The Tenth International MANGA Award Executive Committee
B1F Yuraku-cho bldg.
1-10-1 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Postcode: 100-0006

Silent Manga Audition

:star: Details and Official Rules
FAQ 1 & FAQ 2
Theme Announcement

:bulletgreen: This is a CONTEST focusing on manga without the use of dialog.

:bulletgreen: Deadline: September 30, 2016

:bulletgreen: Specs: "Use the power of your artwork to tell the story, with NO dialogue.  We STRONGLY recommend everyone to keep the story short, around 10 pages or even less."

- Paper Size
257mm x 364mm

- Outer Frame / Outside Border / Trimmed Size:
220mm x 310mm

- "Live" Area
180mm x 270mm

:bulletgreen: Template:
Smac template by kabocha

:bulletgreen: Format: Unspecified.  

:bulletgreen: Rights: "The terms of application clearly forbids you from publishing your work elsewhere other than the Silent Manga Audition. Doing so may void your award winnings, so please refrain from doing so, until award results announcement!

However, when results are announced and you did not receive an award, you are free to release your work anywhere else. We will be posting your entry on our website unless requested not to, by the author.

For award winners, there may be different arrangement. Please talk to the Silent Manga audition administrative regarding your intended use of the title."

Basically:  Don't post your entry until before the results are announced.  If you win, there may be a contract.  If you don't win, you're free to do what you win.

:bulletgreen: Submission:   Previous rounds allow multiple submissions.  This is not likely to change, but the information is not yet available.

:bulletgreen: Submit Via:
Register and upload submissions.

Shonen JUMP Treasure New Artist Prize

:star: Rules and Guidelines

:bulletblue: This is a CONTEST run monthly by Shueisha.  Award ceremonies are held twice annually.

:bulletblue: Deadline: End of Each month

:bulletblue: Specs: "The same as 1.2 times of "Weekly Shonen Jump"
Your manuscript should be about B4 sized.  For story-based manga, your comic should be either 31 pages or 45 pages in length.
For gag manga, your comic should be 15 pages, 19 pages, or 31 pages.

- Paper Size
Between 230-260 mm wide by 330-365 mm tall (Approx B4)

- Live Area
180mm x 270mm

:bulletblue: Template:

:bulletblue: Format: Right -> Left; Must be in Japanese.

:bulletblue: Rights: "All copyrights including publishing, broadcasting, staging and filming rights will belong to Shueisha."

:bulletblue: Submission: "Your manuscripts will not be returned. Please take copies in advance.  On the reverse of the final page of your manuscript, print your postal code, address, name, age, occupation, telephone number (or contact number), and brief background details."

:bulletblue: Send Entries To:
The JUMP treasure new artist prize
2-5-10 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku

Aniventure Manga Contest

:star: Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpurple: This is a CONTEST run by Aniventure and Manga Academy.  It is open to international participation.

:bulletpurple: Deadline: August 1st , 2016

:bulletpurple: Specs:
You need to use their recommended font (download available on Aniventure's contest page)
"Short manga":
From 2 to 8 pages + 1 cover (total 3 to 9 pages)

"Long manga":
From 15 to 25 pages + 1 cover (total 16 to 26 pages)

- Paper Size
A5 at 300DPI

:bulletpurple: Template:
Available online

:bulletpurple: Format: Right -> Left; Bulgarian OR English

:bulletpurple: Submission: "To be able to participate with your manga, it should be sent to by August 1st , 2016 including:
*Files (or link for downloading the files) of the pages, where the file names correspond to the order of pages
*your full names
*Complete an informational form with information about yourself (if you're one of the winners this information will be published with your manga in the printed book of Aniventure)"

:bulletpurple: Send Entries To:

Closed Contests - Might Reopen

:bulletred: Society of Illustrators - Comic and Cartoon Art Competition - [Information] Has an entry fee

:bulletred: Morning International Comic Competition - [Information] Has not had a contest since 2011

:bulletred: Tezuka Award & Akatsuka Award - [Information] Ended March 31; will likely run again.


Know of other contests going on?  Let us know and we'll update this blog!

Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Whoaaa, so many~! Thank you so much! <D :heart:
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